Mixed Media Day

This morning I woke up to grey skies, rain, and cold (for Los Angeles) temperatures. It was a perfect day to meet a friend for a cozy breakfast in a French Cafe near my house. So, that is exactly what I did. I met my friend Regina, who was waiting for me with a cup of french press coffee. We each decided to order something different and share. She ordered savory…

Savory Crepe with brie cheese, spinach and tomato. Yum!

and I ordered sweet.

Sweet Brioche French Toast, with fruit and whipped cream. Bon Apetite!

It was a mixed media breakfast…and it was delicious. We lingered over breakfast the entire morning and when I got home Diego was busying himself setting up his toys. I am sorry to say that Diego has more toys than any 7 year-old should be allowed. I am even sorrier to say that most of this toys are teeny tiny pieces, as in, step on a piece in your bare feet and it will imbed itself into your foot.

Diego’s play always involved a variety of his toys. I like to think of it as mixed media play.

There are the standard minions, or Little Green Men,  that we bought 3 years ago as a souvenir from Disneyland.

Diego's Minions aka Little Green Men

And there are buckets and buckets of army guys, which seem to keep multiplying. I don’t know how it happens, but for every army guy that breaks or gets chewed up by our dog, two more army guys take its place.

Army Guys that multiply by themselves

And then there are Lego guys. Lego guys have a hierarchy around here. The Star Wars Lego guys used to be his favorite. They were replaced by the Lego Knights. His current favorite Lego guy is the Lego Ninjago. That’s a Lego Ninja, in case you had to ask.

The last medium of his mixed media play was this:

Long House - It looked like an "A" project until Diego started playing with it.

A couple of weeks ago Nico to build a Viking Long House or a Long Boat for school.  He chose to create a long house. I He We had a lot of fun building it. Diego also helped and when it was done, he could not wait to play it. Nico told him he could play with it after he received his grade on the project. Nico ended up with a B+, but we he really deserved an A.  Diego, has not stopped playing with it since Nico brought it home.

I love the way Diego plays. He always has a story behind his play. The story usually involves a battle between Legos, minions, and army guys. This time around he worked in two separate forts, and a souvenir tea set my grandmother brought me from a trip to Washington D.C. about 40 years ago.

Miniature Tea Set

Now, that is mixed media.







Toy Story

This morning I was on my way out the door when I heard shrieking and explosions, and rapid gunfire. I do not live in a war zone, but I do live with a 6 year-old boy.  That is  when I noticed this…

Lego Guy was being held prisoner. The minions were torturing him as he sat over a burning a fire


Just in case Lego Guy thinks of escaping, the minions have a back-up Lego Skeleton armed with a laser gun, aimed directly at Lego Guy.


Army guys maintain their positions, just in case Lego Guy makes a run for it.


A Lego built launch pad houses a jet fighter ready to deploy. In the background is Luke Skywalker armed with the Force.


This minion is operating the computer, ensuring that Lego Guy does not get away.


...and of course there's always the Chief Minion standing by, just to make absolutely sure that things go according to his plan. Mwah, hah hah!!!