How ironic that the son of two criminal prosecutors asked to be a bank robber for Halloween.

A Post Halloween Trick and a Treat

The other night Diego unintentionally tricked me into thinking he was suffering from a Halloween sugar overload.

After our spaghetti dinner, the night after Halloween, Diego begged to eat some of the gingerbread haunted house he made. I got tired of hearing him whine so I gave in and said yes. After a couple of bites of stale gingerbread covered in black icing, Diego realized it was not as good as it looked , so he opted for some Halloween candy instead. As Juan was leaving to take Molly for a walk, Diego begged to go too. Juan told him that they were going on a long walk and Diego would have to keep up. Halfway through their walk Diego began complaining of a stomach ache.  Juan scolded him for wanting to cut the walk short, but came home anyway. As soon as Diego got home, he laid down on the couch. I decided it was time for a valuable lesson on the perils of too much sugar followed by a dose of, “I told you so.”  I was just about to get on my soapbox when I saw that Diego had fallen asleep on the couch. Juan moved him to his bed and I tried to ignore the fact that he had just fallen asleep with a good coat of sugar decaying his teeth. Then Juan and I left the kids at home while we made a quick run to the grocery store.

Twenty minutes later Erica called. There was panic in her voice, the sound of running water in the background and Olivia shouting orders as Diego, whimpered nearby.

“Come home now! Diego just threw up everywhere! AND HE DIDN’T EVEN CHEW HIS FOOD!”

Luckily, we were just around the corner so we got home right away. When we walked in Nico was using the Swifter to clean the bedroom floor, Erica was gathering soiled bedding and Olivia was washing Diego’s hair in the shower.

It was one of those rare parenting moments when I felt simultaneously proud and ashamed.

Shamed that I didn’t pay closer attention to the symptoms of stomach flu, and proud of the fact that my kids rallied and took care their sick little brother.

I was treated to a wonderful scene of sibling caretaking, and kindness.

Oh, and undigested spaghetti.

How ironic that the son of two criminal prosecutors asked to be a bank robber for Halloween.



A Third Reason to love the Season

In previous posts I told you how October is one of my favorite months.  October,  is also a favorite for me because it is the unofficial start of the holiday season. In my house, holidays mean decorations. And Halloween is no exception.

There are several neighborhoods in our area which become graveyards, spider nests, and spooky houses in October. As I drive past these houses I dream of a day when my house can take on the total facade of a haunted manor.  When the kids were younger I used to decorate with a “harvest’ theme. But then the girls, who absolutely love all things scary, complained. So, I began mixing in a little spooky factor.  I ended up taming it down because some of the younger neighborhood kids didn’t want to come over. If I had a lot of extra money and time, I could go oveboard and create a full-on haunted house.  As it is, Juan doesn’t look forward to the “decorating season” because with each new holiday, I have to ask him to bring down one of the many crates of decorations I have stored in the attic.  Three crates are dedicated to Halloween. Thanksgiving has one. Christmas has… well let’s just say that I don’t have enough crates to contain Christmas.  My house was once affectionately called, “the Christmas cottage.”

Usually, I wait until the After-Halloween sales to pick up a few decorations. I have been buying a little bit every year for the past several years. Right now I have enough to decorate my front porch:

My living room:


My family room:

My kitchen:

My dining room:

And my guest bathroom.

When I got done putting most of the decorations out this year Erica complained  that the decorations were the same ones we use every year, and it wasn’t scary enough. Maybe I need to go out and the after Halloween clearance sales again this year, and work on a new theme for next year…spooky haunted house?