My Story

My blended life is derived from those parts of my history which I am not too embarrassed to write about and those parts of my identity from which I can’t escape, no matter how hard I try.   The eldest daughter in a 2nd generation Mexican American family, I grew up a household where I was once taught that the women warmed the tortillas while the men waited for them to be served.  Nonetheless, I made it through college and landed a series of uninspiring  jobs in the entertainment industry.  I decided I wanted to do something more fulfilling than making coffee for entertainment egos,  so I added law school to the mix.  I married, had a son, Nicolas, and then divorced.  Somewhere during the divorce recovery process, and during my reinventing-my-life-as-a-lawyer stage, I managed to meet, fall in love and marry my best friend.  Juan was a package deal, coming to the marriage with two girls, Olivia, now 15 and Erica, 12.  Juan and I wanted our own special blend, so we added a 4th child to the mix, Diego, now 6.  I started blogging  this year, when I decided it was futile for me to start another journal I would not keep up, and even more impossible for me to assemble a scrapbook of all the pieces of my life.  This blog is my effort to reflect on those parts of my history and identity which got me to this point in my life, and the people in my blended family who make my life spin, but still keep me from getting too mixed up.

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