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I am dropping by this blog for a quick minute to say hi and see if anyone is out there? Anyone?

Actually, I’ve been thinking about doing this for quite sometime, but something always got in the way, namely me and my so-called life. So much time has gone by and so much has happened—really good things, and some really-not-so-good things. I have allowed these things to keep me from blogging.

I woke up today and turned over a new month on the calendar. How did it get to be August? And how did so many months go by without me stopping to enjoy, reflect and blog? Everytime I thought about blogging, I would get so overwhelmed about how many things I’ve missed writing about, and how much I still needed to process before I could write, that the thought of blogging paralyzed me. I didn’t know how to catch up. I didn’t know how to begin again.

I took my lunch hour to check in on some blogs which I enjoy reading, and which I haven’t read in many weeks. Just as I was finished and was about to turn back to the pile of legal documents on my desk, my husband walked through the door carrying gifts, fresh flowers from the farmers market, and broccoli. The flowers are for me and the broccoli is for tonight’s dinner. Maybe it’s the flowers, the blogs, the passing summer, but I decided I just need to get to back to blogging. I guess I’ll just start out blogging about today. I’ll catch you up later

So, here I am. Is anyone out there? Anyone?

Flowers for Today

8 thoughts on “Back to Blogging

  1. Kate says:

    Hi there! I just finished reading your entire blog. I learned of you from your guest post on Rage Against the Minivan. It interested me, I too am a step mom and am pregnant with my first biological child (hence the multiple times I caught myself crying while reading your blog, ahhhh pregnancy hormones). I really enjoy your blog and your insight to the challenges of life as being a step mom. Thanks for sharing your life. Please keep the posts coming!

    • lifewellblended says:

      Hi Kate. Thank you for commenting. Congratulations on becoming a step mom and soon-to-be bio mom. It’s not easy being either but it certainly is a blessing. My husband and I always are amazed when we see our family and in awe of how it all happened. Good luck to you. I’ll keep posting, please keep reading.

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