Veterans’ Day for Dad

Here’s a re-post of an earlier tribute to my dad, an army veteran who served in the Panama Canal Zone. Happy Veterans’ Day to you, Dad and all those who have served, and are serving. Thank you.

Today is Veteran’s Day and I want to add my words of gratitude to all those who have served in the armed forces, especially my cousins,  and my Dad.

My dad didn’t talk too much about his experience in the army when I was younger, and apart from my awareness that he had served,  I really didn’t know much about his experience.  He speaks more about it lately.  He served in his early twenties, in the army. According to my dad, it was good experience for him because it helped give him discipline and focus and provided him a career direction in the aerospace industry.  My dad’s Spanish-speaking skills also gave him the opportunity to be stationed in Panama–an experience he recounts fondly.  He is proud of his service, as he should be.  And although our family may not have recognized this day and celebrated with my dad in the past, today I want to say thank you Dad, and let you know that we are proud of you too.

Dad in the Panama Canal Zone, 1953

3 thoughts on “Veterans’ Day for Dad

  1. Thanks Diana, I was really touched by this blog and you continue to make me SO PROUD for all that you do and are.. TIENES UN CORAZON TAN LINDO.. You made an old man’s heart SOAR LIKE AN EAGLE..

  2. Jesus Carbajal AKA JESS OR CHUY says:

    Thanks again Diana… It was the need for soldiers with ability to read and write in Spanish that changed my orders from KOREA TO THE CANAL ZONE.. for other needs.. REFLECTING BACK ‘WE ALL SERVED WHO WORE THE UNIFORM OF THIS GREAT NATION..

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