Thankful Thursday – part 2

Today I hosted Thanksgiving dinner. I had a lot of help…there are a lot of good cooks in my family.  As I look over the deserts that still need to be put away, the few wine glasses left to wash and the boy’s bedroom strewn with toys, I am thankful for being able to celebrate with my family today. Here’s a few other things I am thankul for today.

1. The turkey was excellent. (Brining makes a tender, moist turkey.)

2. My pecan pie came out really good. (Thank you Pioneer Woman for the suggestion to chop the pecans and the whiskey cream sauce)

3. My experiment with a sweet potato gratin did not fail.

4. There are not too many dirty dishes left to do.

5. We had a nice time with my family, nobody argued, or drank too much and everyone left full and happy.

Happy Thankgiving!

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