Modern Warfare

My son Diego is  ALL BOY.  He loves to run, jump and play. All the time. He often complains, and asks that I “unsign” him up from all his activities, just so he can have more play time. Don’t get me wrong. I am thrilled that he loves to play. I believe that playing should be a 6 year-old’s greatest occupation. However, it is what Diego likes to play most of the time that is beginning to trouble me…

A battle between minions and army guys.

Snipers in position on my family room mantle.

Casualties of the battle


An arsenal of light sabers for intergalactic battles.

An array of Nerf guns for more conventional warfare.

I try to round out his interests by exposing him to different things….

Tiger cub scouts…

Tae Kwan Do…

church choir…

I even encourage him in doing art…. Today he brought home a sculpture from school.

When I asked him what it was, he told me that it  is was supposed to be a porcupine. Then he changed his mind and told me it was a weapon.

I try to encourage reading. We have books all over the house.  He often sees Juan and I reading.  I read to him.  He even goes to the library weekly. The last time he went to the library, this is the book he checked out:

What’s a mom to do? We are a peace-loving family. I think I may need to negotiate an arms control treaty.

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